Thought for the day, Thursday 30th June

“Why go to search forests to find the Divine? The One who dwells in all hearts pervades your heart also. Just as fragrance fills the rose and reflection the mirror, God pervades all; search inside yourself. Know that the Om pervades inside and out. Without knowing yourself, doubt will not be removed.” Guru Tegh Bahadur,Continue reading “Thought for the day, Thursday 30th June”

Thought for the day, Tuesday 28th June

“Freedom is never a reaction. To be stuck in reaction is bondage, bondage to the one against whom we re-act. Freedom is observing our reactions. In that seeing, reaction dissolves. Then we can act from stillness, the silence of the Seer. Stillness is a lightning bolt. Silence is a diamond with ten thousand eyes. WhyContinue reading “Thought for the day, Tuesday 28th June”

Thought for the day, Sunday 26th June

Anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations in 1945 “Let us teach that the honour of a nation consists not in the forced submission of other states, but in equal laws and free institutions, in cultivated fields and prosperous cities; in the development of intellectual and moral power, in the diffusionContinue reading “Thought for the day, Sunday 26th June”

Thought for the day, Saturday 25th June

Healing Begins at Home by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, “There’s a story about a man who was lowered down a deep shaft, lower and lower, until the darkness was so dark he could touch it with his fingers, the damp cold so damp and cold it seeped through his bones and made them shiver.Finally, without warning,Continue reading “Thought for the day, Saturday 25th June”

Thought for the day, Friday 24th June

Midsummer Song by Caitlin Matthews, “Dark is the night, far is the dawning,Sing for the shining of light on the way.Hearken, be ready, attend to my calling:Sing all you guardians who wait at the door. Sing, sing, sing for the dawning,Sing for the midnight, the noon and the daySing, sing, sing for the morningSing forContinue reading “Thought for the day, Friday 24th June”

Thought for the day, Wednesday 22nd June

Summer Solstice by Tom Hirons, “In a graveyard in June,The sun arcs high overAll the withered trees.Light pours onto the tombstones.Despite the terrible news,The skylarks and the blackbirds sing,Relentless as the turn of time.I lift my face to the bright horizon.I have heard the death-groans ofA thousand of my dreams,But the life-song of the unknownStillContinue reading “Thought for the day, Wednesday 22nd June”