Thought for the day, Monday 5th July

“Negative thoughts

Oh, they come and they go
And sometimes they come
A lot more than they go

For thoughts create feelings
And feelings then feel
And that’s why it’s easy
To feel that they’re real

Because when they arrive
They suggest they’re you
And you should do just
What they say you should do

Then slowly the negative
Thoughts can begin
To widen that door
And let themselves in

Then do what they like
And say what they please
To stifle your life
With their negative squeeze

So why not breathe in
And exercise choice
Why not breathe out
and say “No” to the voice

And say “I’m worth more
much, much, more than all that
And that negative voices
Are uncool and old hat”

And get used to calling
The negative out
And slowly it turns
From a scream to a shout

To a murmur, a whisper
And then best of all
The voice will one day
Become nothing at all

Unless it speaks nicelyAnd says let’s have fun
Or suggests quite warm-heartedly
What might be done

For why would-you-possibly
Talk to yourself
In a way that you’d not
Talk to anyone else?

So why not decide
That it’s time to get free
And stand up to the (deeply uncool) voice
Of Negativity”

Murray Lachlan Young

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