Thought for the day, Wednesday 7th July

Living Poetry by Christopher Chase
“Every body has a story.
Every atom has a story.
Go back 100 million years
and your atoms were there
in dragonfly wings,
in trees and oceans,
in prehistoric forests,
as steam swirling from
dinosaur dung…
Go back 6 billion years
and most of “you” was
floating as
intergalactic dust,
or buried deep
in the cores of
long gone stars…
Even as recently as a year ago,
most of the trillions of atoms
now in your body
were parts of clouds and rivers,
falling as rain,
living in leaves, trees
plants and soil…
Science is art,
Nature is like music.
Every atom
has a story.
At the deepest levels
we are works of
Cosmic Art,
living poetry.”
Art by Brian Kirhagis

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