Thought for the day, Tuesday 27th July

“The mixture of sorrow and joy is so powerful that we cannot figure out how to handle it all, let alone assess how our fellow spiritual seekers are doing. The diversity of feelings can be overwhelming… In those moments when we sense the presence of God we surrender to him, truly willing to be with him, with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our strength. This holy assent is all that matters. It eclipses all the wicked inclinations inside us – physical and spiritual – that might lead us to miss the mark… Sometimes however, that sacred sweetness lies deeply buried, and we fall again into blindness, which leads to all kinds of sorrow and tribulation… Pray for the time when God will once again reveal himself and fill our hearts with the sweetness of his presence. And so we remain in this muddle all the days of our lives. But our Beloved wants us to trust that he is always with us.”
Julian of Norwich (c.1343 – c.1416)
On this day in 1377 the city council of Rugusa (now Dubroknik) passed a law saying newcomers from plague areas must isolate for 30 days, the first recorded example of quarantine

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