Thought for the day, Monday 6th September

“Because yesterday was not all it should have been does not matter.
Yesterday is finished and gone and you can do nothing about it.
Today is a completely different matter.
It lies before you untouched and unblemished.
And it is up to you to make it the most wonderful day.

How do you start off each day?
Remember, it is no concern of anyone else.
It is something you, and you alone, have to choose to bring about.
Try to start off the day with inner peace and contentment
by taking time to be still and allowing that peace to infil and enfold you.

Do not rush into the day unprepared and out of harmony.
If you do, it is easy to take that state of mind into the day,
allowing it to affect the whole day and all those souls you contact.
It is up to you to choose what today is going to be and then make it so.
Why not choose now?”

Eileen Caddy (1917 – 2006), one of the founders of the Findhorn community

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