Thought for the day, Wednesday 8th September

Psalm 66 Redux by Carla Grosch-Miller,
“The whole earth sings praise!
Wild wind whips glory,
babbling brook skipping sings,
green fields davening sway.
The smallest ears pick up the tune
that pulses through all things.
Oh God, Maker of all,
let my life move with
the earth songs beneath my feet
and the star songs above my head.
Let my heart jig and caper like a young lamb.
Let my soul sing and sigh and signify.
No corner of the earth is apart from Your power.
Everywhere a woman may roam,
she will see the signs and hear the songs:
Each day a new day.
Each moment an opportunity.
Each step.
each listening step,
a step in hope’s direction.
How may I live my gratitude,
but with humble attention,
with an ear quick to listen,
gaze penetrating to see,
a heart ready to love,
hands eager to bless,
with a mind slow to judge
and probing to discern,
with feet that move
in hope’s direction,
dancing earthstar
songs of praise.
So be it.”

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