Thought for the day, Friday 22nd October

From Earth Bound: Daily Meditations for All Seasons by Brian Nelson,
“On this day in 1734, Daniel Boone was born. John Mack Faragher’s biography of the woodsman describes how, in the early years of his marriage, Boone would disappear into the forest for long hunts, sometimes lasting a year or so. After one of these hunts, Boone returned to find a child born to his wife, a child fathered out of her loneliness and his absence. To his credit, Boone accepted the child as his own and she grew to be the most loyal of children.
Hunting and trapping on the frontier, risky as it was, was probably easier for Boone than living in society. The call of the wild is powerful and ignored at one’s peril – yet those who turn to the wild to escape life’s complexities may find that their lives remain just as complicated upon their return. The wilderness is not an escape, but an inspiration that can make each day richer no matter where you are.”

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