Thought for the day, Sunday 31st October

A Samhain Invocation by Laura Dobson (me)
Spirits of Samhain, be with us as we celebrate Samhain in peace and honour the sanctity of our holy home, the Earth.
Spirits of the East, Purity of Air, Great Wind, who blew our ancestors here from over the sea, bring us your inspiration, that we may know our breath is the same air breathed by our ancestors. May there be peace in the East.
Spirits of the South, Heat of Fire, Great Sun, who has sustained all life on Earth since it began, bring us your cleansing warmth, that we may heal the wounds of the past. May there be peace in the South.
Spirits of the West, Flow of Water, Great Ocean, who nurtured the first life on Earth and nourishes us all still, bring us your love, that we may show compassion to each other and to all beings. May there be peace in the West.
Spirits of the North, Shelter of Earth, Great Cradle and Tomb, who births us all, nourishes us and receives us again, keep us grounded and help us to respect and care for you, as we become ancestors for those who will follow us. May there be peace in the North.
Spirit of Life, Centre of All, we ask for your blessings, your guidance and your inspiration. Grant us the gift of self-knowledge. May there be peace in all the Worlds. Blessed Be.
Image: Celebration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water by William Johnstone (1897-1981)

Johnstone, William; Celebration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water; National Galleries of Scotland;

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