Thought for the day, Wednesday 16th February

“We live within an earth full of wild reciprocity, each being- the rooted, feathered, winged, furred and scaled all bring their own medicine, their own purpose to themselves and to their wild community.
Our bodies, woven from nature, are made of this love.
So gifted are we with tools that show us our care, that speak our core each day, in a language older than words,.
Eyes that show us of the beauty of this world, hands and bodies to feel the wild waters, the touch of petal and child’s hand.
Our breath that softens, calms and clears.
Our feet that take us to forest, meadow and river.
A tongue to taste with, to speak our truth to whisper our spells.
Minds and hearts that dream, ears to listen to song, wind, water and word.
A nose to smell the delights of spring the fruits of autumn, the death of winter and the fullness of summer.
This body, this toolkit is full of love, and it shows it each day, it holds you in each moment.
Remember the beauty you are made from, listen to the reciprocity of bone, skin and blood.
Know how you are held.”
Brigit Anna McNeill

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