Thought for the day, Wednesday 16th March

from Earth Bound: Daily Meditations for All Seasons by Brian Nelson,

“”I’d rather be a forest than a street,” writes Paul Simon in his song “El Condor Pasa.” But perhaps the biggest choice offered in the lyrics is not between two types of existence – sparrow or snail, hammer or nail. Perhaps the biggest question is raised by the next lyric: “Yes I would … if I could.”

Are you so sure you can’t decide to be a forest rather than a street? If Whitman can tell us, “I am large … I contain multitudes,” then maybe it’s up to you whether you are a forest or a street. Maybe it’s a false dichotomy, and you can be a forest when you feel like it, a street when it suits you. You have both forest and street within you – travel them whenever the urge strikes you.”

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