Thought for the day, Monday 28th March

Psalm for Body Beginnings by Celeste Snowber,

“Each day the petals
unfold their face to the sky
an act of surrender
open hearted to breathe
for a new day
Await each breath as if it was pristine
your lungs living in the glory of
inhabiting air for the first time
everything is old today
everything is new today
all your issues remain
family, finances, relationships, work details, and
endless domestic disasters
but there is a spring
rising within your torso
you know it by its pulse
the energy where you cry yes
to this tiny alive moment
let the morning birds sing inside your chest
and cultivate body beginnings
new ways for fingers to touch earth
glances for being a lover in the world
finding ease through baby steps
the big deals – the big problems
will be with you
but there is something else arising
a ripe heart – a softened soul
an eternal arm embraces your weariness
and calls you back once again
to body beginnings.”

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