Thought for the day, Wednesday 30th March

From The Celtic Spirit: Daily Meditations for the Turning Year by Caitlin Matthews,

“Birds and other animals begin to choose their mates as the growing year burgeons strongly in the strengthening sunlight. The green fire that runs all over the earth is sparked by this very sunlight and the deep germinating power of the earth. When plants reach toward the sunlight, the red, violet and blue bands of the spectrum activate the chlorophyll pigment within each leaf so that it reflects green…

This green fire is also within us – not in our physical bodies, as it is in plants, but in our emotional and creative lives. Spring fever has many manifestations. The creative urge of spring brings into being much verse, for example, as our emotional upheavals reach out for fresh life and vigour.

Where is the green fire in your own life at this time? Take your emotional and creative temperature; then give yourself over to something pleasurable and enlivening this week.”

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