Thought for the day, Tuesday 12th April

“When water is still, it is like a mirror, reflecting your chin and eyebrows, everything. And if water obtains lucidity from stillness, how much more will the faculties of the mind do the same? The mind of the sage, being in repose, becomes the mirror of the universe, of all creation.

Repose, tranquillity, stillness, inaction – these are the levels of the universe, the ultimate perfection of the Tao. Therefore wise rulers and sages rest in these.

Repose, tranquillity, stillness, inaction – these are the sources of all things. Hold to this when coming forward to pacify a troubled world.

Your merit will be great, your name illustrious, and the world united into one.

In your repose you will be wise. In your movements, powerful. By inaction you will gain honour, and by confining yourself to what’s pure and simple, you will prevent the whole world from struggling with you just for appearance’s sake.”

Chuang Tzu, 4th Century BCE, China

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