Thought for the day, Sunday 17th April

From Easter at the Forge Cross by Father Daniel O’Leary,

“Resurrection is as earthy, local and intimate as our sweat and blood, our dreams and nightmares, our drives and
passions. It is as real as whatever or whoever drives and drains us, draws and drags us. Resurrection, in fact, is the
deepest meaning of everything that brings a smile to our faces, a tear to our eyes, a vitality to our bodies, a softness to
our voices and a tenderness to our touch. Resurrection is as real as that…

I see, with a painful clarity, the utter fallacy of the dualism that underpins so much of our teaching, preaching and evangelizing. There are no longer two realities, the mystery of Easter convinces us – one ‘merely human’, the other holy; one the church, the other the world, one human, the other divine. In the baby-body of the incarnation, in the destroyed body of the crucifixion, in the shining, human body of the resurrection – that is the same body in which all dualism has been transcended. To be truly human, it is now established, is to be divine. To be is to be blessed. To live is to be holy. Everything is grace.”

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