Thought for the day, Monday 9th May

An Unexpected Act of Creative Rebellion by Jackie Stewart,

“The collective wound humans are now ready to heal is the old story that we are not good enough.. Feeling that we are not good enough is so deeply ingrained that we spend a vast majority of our time trying to prove that we are. It drives us to push, strive and succeed. We try to do more and achieve more, even in our leisure time. We need to keep busy to feel successful; we have to prove ourselves over and over. But that old story is fuelling an outdated paradigm that no longer fits the new world we’re here to co-create.

When I was sitting up on the rock opposite our house, watching the birds ride the thermals with freedom and joy, I felt a rising certainty that we change the world every time we rebel against playing the game of busy. We will finally release our impulse to keep busy when we truly believe that we are already perfect and loveable, instead of trying to prove that we are. Realising that we are already good enough is an act of creative rebellion in a success-motivated capitalist world. This is how we co-create a new paradigm that thrives on self-acceptance instead.”

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