Thought for the day, Monday 16th May

“There are three types of people:
A) There are those who define themselves by what they do.
B) There are those who define themselves by what and how much they have.
C) And there are those whose definition of self stems from who they are.

Most people’s self-worth and confidence (or lack thereof), is based on what they do and how much they have, yet, thinking about our purpose and personal Tikkun (correction/healing); why we are here and what is our deeper purpose, a shift of consciousness occurs from doing/having to being. Rather than being occupied with what we do, possess, or want to possess, we begin discovering who we are and what is our purpose.

When our “doing” is rooted in our “being”, we will then do what is correct for us to do, and know that we have what we truly need to have.”

Rabbi DovBer Pinson

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