Thought for the day, Saturday 2nd July

“The following story comes from the Talmud:
Before we’re born, while in our mother’s womb, the Almighty sends an angel to sit beside us and teach us all the wisdom for living we’ll ever need to know. Then, just before we’re born, the angel taps us under the nose (forming the philtrum, the indentation that everyone has under their nose), and we forget everything the angel taught us.

What does this story teach?

That truth and wisdom is “right under your nose!”

We can look inside ourselves to learn what life is about. Buried within the subconscious mind, in the farthest corner of our memory, lies the knowledge of everything we need to know: The purpose of life, how to love, how to reach our potential. Our task is to bring that knowledge to the conscious mind – i.e. to make the effort to remember!

Nobody can ever teach you anything new. They can only help you get in touch with what you already intuitively know to be true.

“Education” means drawing out what is already inside the student. Beware of educators who try to impose their position on you.”

Rabbi Noah Weinberg

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