Thought for the day, Wednesday 3rd August

“Reciprocity is in each moment, invisible threads of connection that support and nurture.
Take the simple act of breathing.
We breathe out carbon dioxide, which the trees, plants and seaweeds love and need.
They breathe us in, the very essence that moved through us, holding stories of blood, grief, joy and bone, now moves through them.
Turning our breath into oxygen, they transform what we let go of, into the support we need to survive and thrive.
As we breathe in, the very essence that moved in tree, plant and ocean, holding stories of wildness, salt, earth, roots, tides and growth, now moves in us.
Each breath full of the strength of oak, the tenacity of weed, the magic of foxglove, the depths of sea and the alchemy of earth.”

Brigit Anna McNeill

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