Thought for the day, Friday 5th August

“When you enter this valley, realize that it has no beginning or end. No other road is like the hidden road there, and one person’s road is not the same as another’s.
Everyone finds the path revealed according to their capacity, and everyone’s progress depends on their state of breath. How could it be otherwise?
Even if a gnat could fly with all its strength, it couldn’t out-race the wind. No two birds fly alike, each finds its own route.
So some go by way of the mosque’s niche. Others by way of idols.
When the sun of knowing shines, everyone receives the light according to their ability. And when that sun shines, the world’s rubbish bin turns into a rose garden. The rind reveals its kernel.
The lover no longer sees any particle of self, only the Beloved.
Wherever one looks, one sees the face of the One, and every atom of life reveals Reality’s presence.”

Fariduddin Attar

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