Thought for the day, Thursday 25th August

“It’s not complicated. Your body rooted to the earth, where it is, as it is, its very weight a sacrament, gravity the Mother’s love, pressing you to her breast, and all around the flower of your flesh, the kiss of space. Invisible planets caress you. Inhalation rises through the hollow stem of your spine, effortlessly threading the soil to the center of the galaxy, while your exhalation pours stars into the loam. Dissolve the world into boundless blue. Now let it be recreated by a gentle kneading, the rise and fall of your chest. Your soul, this breathing body. Your body, awareness. You are the sacrament, you are the wedding. The bridal chamber is your heart. It’s not complicated. This is the highest meditation: being as you Are.”

Fred Lamotte

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