Thought for the day, Sunday 28th August

“If we view ALL living things as a gift of GOD, created for our pleasure and enjoyment, to love and respect, to treasure and to guard for our next generations, and look after our own self with the same loving care-the future will be something Not To Be Feared, but treasured.
Our todays depend on our yesterdays and our tomorrows depend on our todays.
Have you loved yourself today?
Have you admired and thanked the flowers, treasured the birds or gazed up at the mountains and felt a sense of awe?
The best medicine of all the simplest medicine. “Let’s all learn self-love, self-forgiveness, compassion and understanding.” I took to saying at the end of workshops. It was a summary of all my knowledge and experience. “Then we’ll be able to give those gifts to others. By healing the person, we can heal Mother Earth.””

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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