Thought for the day, Friday 9th September

“Have you ever paused to wonder
How many breaths we inhale
In in this lifetime
In this body
In this miracle
Today… ?
Have you ever stopped to consider
The simplicity of life
The Divine energy that keeps us
Breathing in
Breathing out
And have you ever sat to appreciate
Your lungs filling with air
While sleeping
While eating
While smiling
While weeping…?
And after contemplating this…
22,000 breaths a day…
That’s 22,000 miracles
Just the gifts of today
Now focus on your breathing
Breathing in
Breathing out…
Gratitute for love
Thankfulness for life
Listen to the silence
Hear the beat of your heart
Now you are meditating
It’s as easy as that”

Gemma Star

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