Thought for the day, Thursday 15th September

“Advaita is not a path. It is an experience. An experience of dropping the path. Those who have tried to turn non-duality into a “path” have created delusion and mental strain for many. I am discontented and I’d rather be somewhere else. I want to get to Oneness, I want to get “there,” so I follow a “path” that I call advaita, leading me away from “here.” But isn’t it obvious that what separates here from there is the path? This is the joke-like structure of our seeking. So just drop advaita, drop non-duality: that’s your only hope of experiencing it. Drown your senses in your heart, and your heart in a late summer rose. Drop the path and leap into the inexplicably entangled frolic of distant stars and protons on the tip of your nose. In the ever-dissolving quantum crystal of the present moment, nothing actually exists but the explosion of Grace.”

Fred Lamotte

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