Thought for the day, Tuesday 18th October

From Crescent and Heart by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis (creator of the Dances of Universal Peace), born on this day in 1896,

“What are words but praises of echo!
But music is the gift of the Beneficent;
From Him it came and to Him it shall return.
Therefore song is my prayer and prayer is my song..

Let me sing until I am nothing but a voice,
Let me pray until I am nothing but a prayer..

Is there no end to music?
Is there no completion of glorification?
Tell them the end of music is the end of the world,
And the cessation from glorification is the victory of night;
So long as is music is the world,
So long as is glorification is existence.
Some seek the end of doing and undoing,
But who is the Doer and what is done?
With a song came the World and by music is it sustained,
And the soul of man is a note of revelation.
Nought are ye but songs, and as ye sing, ye are;
From the heart comes the voice of courage,
From the heart the sound of mercy,
From the heart the assurance of Truth.
Wherefore the beat of the heart save to continue the tempo?
What is the theme of the heart except everlasting love?
The body may go but the heart beat continues,
The mind may cease but the heart beat rolls on,
The breath may dissolve but the heart keeps its rhythm,
And the dreamer awakes as a heart-beat in the Cosmos,
Arising from the Heart, returning to the Heart,
Witnessing the scheme of things on his journey,
From the unknown known to the Known unknown
In the Infinite ocean of Love.”

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