Thought for the day, Thursday 20th October

From Earth Bound: Daily Meditations for All Seasons by Brian Nelson,

“The apples are ripe now, and their names have histories as rich as the apples themselves – Granny Smith, Delicious, Gala. The name Delicious was decided upon long before the first such apple was grown. It had been selected as a marketing device and held in reserve until, after many journeys through orchards, after many tastes and trials, an apple that really deserved the title was identified.

Maybe we should adopt this strategy ourselves. Maybe the Delicious apple only appears when we’ve decided that’s what we’re looking for. To find the delicious, to live in joy, to breathe in peace – whatever our goal, we may taste many sour apples in search of it. But the more dedicated we are to the search, the more likely it is that nature will provide.”

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