Thought for the day, Sunday 30th October

“Out of the depths I call to you; God give me power today.
In this dark time let me be true, till storms have blown away.
From everything and everyone, from all life left alone;
alone, despairing, faith undone, my heart has turned to stone.
Beside me only you remain, my comforter and friend;
your faithfulness my heart sustains, “I know this night will end!”
The struggle of my life and pain fade in the cosmic scheme:
a glimmer in a drop of rain, lost in the battle’s dream.
Again, I come to pray in haste, O God, thanks be to thee;
may all suffer find your grace, and may I faithful be.”

Norbert Fabián Čapek, founder of the Prague Unitarian Church, whose death certificate is dated 80 years ago today, 30th October 1942, although it is likely that he was gassed two weeks earlier, on 12th October, at Dachau.

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