Thought for the day, Saturday 18th September

“We are not alone.
There are many others,
here, alongside of us.
Some are just like us.
Some are very different.
Some are somewhere in between.
Some are wiser than us.
Some are more intelligent.
Some are more advanced.
Many are none of these.
Minds think.
Hearts feel.
Bodies move.
As it is with us,
so too is it with them.
Many are just like us on the inside
however different they are
on the outside.
Differences are mostly
on the outside,
for on the inside,
many are just like us,
be it for good, or for bad.
There are many secrets
still left in the world around us.
We think that we know a lot,
until we truly discover
that we know only a little.
Much is yet to be discovered.
Much discovered
is yet to be revealed.
Much to be revealed
is yet to be believed.
Even when a secret is revealed
there are those who refuse
to accept what is means.
Those healed of blindness
can only see
once they are willing
to embrace the healing
that has already healed them.
Once upon a time
begins a story of make-believe.
Yet, not all stories
are make-believe.
Some old stories have to them
more than just a grain of truth.
Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
But not all fires burn bright.
Not all fires burn safe.
Some fires are best put out,
and not left to burn or smolder.
Sometimes it’s best
to hide the truth.
And there is no better place
to hide an inconvenient truth
than under layers of legend
and smoke.
Sometimes, “once upon a time,”
is a good cover
for “the time is now.”
Curiosity is a smoldering flame.
Curiosity can be a contagious disease.
Curiosity can lead one
to many profound revelations.
Curiosity can also lead one
into the fire,
where one is consumed,
and burned up.
Curiosity can be good,
and it can be bad.
Therefore, watch the fire
and control it.
Never let it get out of hand.
There is more to tell.
There is much more to know.
But when is the right time?
Where is the right place?
These are questions
we each must contemplate.”
Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

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