Thought for the day, Sunday 19th September

“We eat foods whose cells are filled with water that has travelled thousands of miles airborne in flying rivers from the rainforests.
We drink that waters that have been circulating through earth, body, river, ocean and cloud upon our planet since water began here billions of years ago – it’s all the same water and water carries the memory of it all.
Our bodies are more bacteria than almost anything else – we are hosts and hostesses to vast families and populations of thriving ‘others’ whose reality is ‘us.’
We are intimately woven in to a living system and evolving intelligence that knows itself as part of all things – and as such has access to the intelligence of all things. And we are part of that system.
Our minds have been taught to see ourselves as separate when in fact that misconception is utterly bizarre in the face of the interconnectedness of all things.
We have no idea what we’re capable of. But if we can bow in humility and open our minds and hearts to the vastness of creation and its mind blowing evolutionary brilliance – then maybe we can open to the miracles that are lining up to help inform us about who and what we really are.”
Clare Dubois, founder of the TreeSisters social change and reforestation charity

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