Thought for the day, Saturday 23rd July

“Never underestimate the power of a simple, pure deed done from the heart.
The world is not changed by men who move mountains, nor by those who lead the revolutions, nor by those whose purse strings tie up the world.
Dictators are deposed, oppression is dissolved, entire nations are transformed by a few precious acts of beauty performed by a handful of unknown soldiers.
As Maimonides wrote in his code of law, “Each person must see himself as though the entire world were held in balance and any deed he may do could tip the scales.””

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Henry N. Hooper and Company (ca. 1831–68) Balance scale, ca. 1845–55 American, Brass, steel, and marble; 31 3/4 × 36 × 10 in. (80.6 × 91.4 × 25.4 cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart P. Feld, 2013 (2013.960.2a–f)

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