Thought for the day, Sunday 24th July

How Webb can light the spark of our souls by Matthew Fox,

“Can the James Webb Telescope contribute to soul work therefore and light the sparks of our souls? Does it light the spark of our inner work?
Inner work is about Gratitude. Can meditating on the original galaxies and stars of the universe awaken gratitude?
Inner work is about Awe. Do Webb’s pictures bespeak Awe?
Inner work is about Reverence. Can reverence and respect for our existence follow from Webb’s revelations?
Inner work is about biophilia (love of life and evolution’s journey into life) and setting necrophilia aside (love of death).
Inner work is about Eros (not Thanatos).
Inner work is about Wisdom (which includes Eros and embraces knowledge but is bigger than knowledge alone).
Inner work marries the divine feminine and sacred masculine and recognizes authentic power as transformation and craft and power-with, not power as control or domination or power-over).
Inner work is about Silence including the silence that Awe brings.
Inner work is about Emptying (including emptying our minds about how we used to think about the age, size and journey of the universe and how we got here).
Inner work is about tasting Nothingness.
Inner work undergoes the Dark Night of the Soul and society and our species.
Inner work is about Black Holes, both physical and psychical.
Outer work born of inner work is about Creativity.
Outer work is about Birthing. Birthing ways of survival, participating in the birthing of the universe otherwise known as ‘evolution’ and contributing to it.
Father Sky is busy birthing and Mother Earth is busy birthing and humanity can be also, even birthing the Webb Telescope and so much more.
Birthing a better version of human where co-operation, not competition is the norm.
Outer work means Birthing Compassion and Justice.
Outer work is about why we are here…
…and where here is
…and that the cosmos birthed us…
and that we can praise.
Outer work includes celebration.
Outer work includes passion for justice—eco, racial, economic, social, gender, gender preference, etc.
Outer work means caring about future generations—of humans surely –but of all children of Mother Earth.
Outer work is passing on the goodness of being.
“The first and primary meaning of salvation is this: To preserve things in the good.” (Thomas Aquinas)”

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